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richard linnett photography
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Engagement shoot

To start building the rapport I recommend a pre-wedding shoot at a place of the couple's choice, usually a place of significance for them, perhaps the first place they met, where they go to talk, perhaps even where the proposal was made. Pictures from this can be made into a special portrait or album. This may also be the time to discuss the specific details of the wedding itself and exactly what service is required.

Bridal pre-wedding rehearsal

Some brides like to see what they are going to look like on the big day by getting their hair and make up done and trying on the dress, shoes and accessories some time before. I would be happy to come to this private event and turn this into a bridal portrait session, a time to focus just on how beautiful the bride looks. This portrait sitting can be relaxed without any of the pressures of the wedding day schedule.

With the bride

Brides deserve a very special record of how beautiful they look and I am more than happy to spend time with them as they prepare for the ceremony. This may also include shots of the maids of honour, bridesmaids and of course the brides mother.

With the groom

It is also important to get photos of the groom and his bestman and the rings which will will be used as a symbol of the permanency of the joining.

The Ceremony

Being discreet but getting the all important special moment close-ups, whether in church or Registry Office, is a responsibility I have enjoyed successfully achieving. Again, working with the people of the venue to meet the needs of the moment, using people skills and matching them with what the bride and groom have decided they want.

Intimate and happy couple portrait

Relaxing and enjoying the day should include having that special portrait of the bride and groom which should show the intimacy of the day. Formal and informal are included in the range of pictures that are offered.

Group portraits

Experienced in people skills and assertiveness mean I am well able to get people in the right place at the right moment. Making this a pleasure sometimes requires a sense of humour and the ability to work quickly as other events press in on a busy wedding schedule.

The reception

From speeches, to cutting the cake, to the first and last dance, not to mention “the get-away”, I am happy to provide a complete documentary of the whole wedding day. This will include informal and more candid shots of the now married couple and their guests enjoying the wedding breakfast and other entertainment.

Other requirement and challenges!

If the bride and groom have other requirements I am happy to discuss them. I am also interested in any “more challenging” requests and will endeavour to meet these with enthusiasm.

Post wedding portrait

Bearing in mind how full the wedding day is some newly weds like to have a portrait session after the wedding to celebrate their new status. This can either be in their wedding outfits or in more relaxed clothing at a venue they wish to remember for special and personal reasons.

Life after the wedding

Life as a married couple may also lead to events that you may want captured, from anniversary parties to portraits of first born and subsequent children. It would be a pleasure to help record all such events in people's lives and make photography not just a profession but an important part in making and recording lives and memories.
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