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Ever since I received my first polaroid instamatic camera as a child at the age of 7 and cine camera at the age of 12, I’ve had a passion for photography and film.

Several camera’s, thousands of pictures, several short films and a few exams later I started my professional career as a press photographer. Although the work was often quite interesting and always challenging the majority of stories were of people at their worst or at their lowest (bad press sells!) and after two years I decided to seek new more enjoyable assignments.

Finding work as a stills photographer on a number of independent films opened my eyes to new creative possibilities and opportunities and my work for a number of modelling agencies and trade magazines cemented my love of taking images of people at their best and happiest.

In 1995 whilst working in Australia I assisted a fellow professional on a bridal shoot and was surprised at how much wedding photography had moved on since the days of dull, static posed shots. With the introduction of magazines such as Cosmo Bride and digital cameras, weddings had suddenly become high fashion, whole story events and that was enough incentive for me to enter the market and I haven’t looked back since...

Richard J Ellis

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