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11th January 2023 Our Wedding Memories Wedding Photographers ...

Wedding photographers are professionals who specialise in capturing the memories of a couple's special day. They use their technical skills, creativity and experience to create a visual record of the wedding, including both posed and candid shots of the bride and groom, their families and friends, the ceremony, and the reception.

Saved memories...

Your First Wedding Photography Client

15th December 2022 Our Wedding Memories Your First Wedding Photography Client

How do you get your first wedding photography appointment?

It must be a question for many budding wedding photographers wondering how to get their first client. Of course, there will be many who photograph family and friends’ weddings to get experience and build up a portfolio. However, the first paid job where the client is unknown to the photographer...

Groom Shares Secret About Night he Met Future Bride

23rd November 2022 Our Wedding Memories Groom Shares Secret About Night he Met Future Bride

A groom has shared a secret about the night he met his future bride in his wedding speech.

Scot, Ian Young decided to reveal all at his wedding reception and proceeded to embarrass blushing bride Katie.

The wedding speech was shared on TikTok by @knoxlandfilms, resulting in thousands of views.

In the speech, Groom Ian goes on to explain how,...

Wedding Photographer Told to Leave by Vicar

14th November 2022 Our Wedding Memories Wedding Photographer Told to Leave by Vicar

A wedding photographer taking photographs during a wedding ceremony was berated by the vicar and asked to leave. Stood behind the vicar during the ceremony, you can clearly hear the camera clicks which was obviously off putting and disturbing for the vicar.

The vicar turned to the wedding photographer saying “please, sir leave”....

A Photographers Nightmare, Deleting all Photos

8th November 2022 Our Wedding Memories

One of a photographer’s worst nightmares must be to lose all their photos from a PC or storage device which are subsequently irretrievable.

This must have happened thousands of times over the years although with the many back-up and storage options now available this should really be a thing of the past.

Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened to one photographer...

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