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Your First Wedding Photography Client

15th December 2022 Our Wedding Memories

How do you get your first wedding photography appointment?

It must be a question for many budding wedding photographers wondering how to get their first client. Of course, there will be many who photograph family and friends’ weddings to get experience and build up a portfolio. However, the first paid job where the client is unknown to the photographer must be quite daunting.

Even family and friends though would be fairly worrying with little experience as you wouldn’t want to spoil the big day of your nearest and dearest by making mistakes with their once in a lifetime photographs.

There must be many new wedding photographers starting out who aren’t able to ask family or friends as early jobs, so would need to find other clients. Having little experience would be a major concern for the Bride and Groom who would need to be confident in your ability.

Of course, free or cheap coverage could be offered with an explanation that you are trying to build a portfolio. This may help to get one or two appointments.

First Wedding Photography Job

A student was in this very predicament as we are sure many wedding photographers are. User Raynespot posted on Reddit hoping for some advice.

Raynespot proceeded “I'm a student in college studying photography and I will have graduated by the time the wedding will happen. I'm meeting with the potential client tomorrow and I know she'll ask to see other weddings I've done but I haven't done any yet. I have a website and I have engagement photos on there from a couple but not a wedding.”

After the brief explanation the user went on to ask the following question.

“My question is: how'd you get your foot in the door to do your first wedding? I really would love to do weddings but if no one gives me the chance to do one how can I prove myself?”

And went further …

“ I've never shot a wedding before - how do I prove to the potential client I'm good enough?”

So, apart from family and friends and offering to do some wedding shoots free of charge initially, what other options are there?

We would love to hear. Comment on our Facebook post Here.

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