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Wedding Photographers covering Lancashire, Merseyside, Greater Manchester, Cheshire

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Lancashire, Merseyside, Greater Manchester, Cheshire

About Connect Photography

For events, my style is to shoot mostly documentary or 'fly on the wall'. I think this really helps capture the essence of the day. I also like to take a selection of posed pictures and portraits to provide variety and give something more 'traditional' to put on display.

For portraits, I use a mixture of natural light and professional 'off camera' lighting to ensure I get the perfect shot. I can creatively use lighting and location to get a wide range of effects for the shot.

In photography there is always something new to learn. A new style or technique to get the best images from a situation. I am continually building my portfolio and gaining experience.

*The equipment I use.*

Lets be frank here. The cameras on smart-phones are getting very impressive – but they are still nowhere near on the same level as a good SLR camera. And yes, nowadays everyone's uncle does seem to have a giant SLR camera – but that doesn't necessarily mean they know how to use it!

I use the latest 'mirrorless' cameras, which take the same quality images as your high end SLR cameras, but are a fraction of the size. This allows me to remain as unobtrusive as possible, capturing those special moments that may not otherwise be possible when someone is aware of the huge camera pointing at them!

I use high quality Carl Zeiss lenses to get excellent clarity and great low light performance.

*Copyright free images.*

Most photographers charge you for the photography session and then make more money by charging you for each individual print. At connect Photography, it's different. For each service, you will receive a DVD containing the full resolution, processed digital images. You will have full rights to print these images as many times as you want, from wherever you want.

Each DVD is presented in a personalised case, and for weddings and christenings, will also be on a custom printed disk.

I do offer a printing service, which is very reasonably priced. All prints are on the finest quality paper and professionally calibrated to ensure an accurate picture. The inks are long lasting and non fade.

*Additional services.*

I can also offer additional tailored services, such as:

'PhotoShopping' to edit out any blemishes etc. (sorry, I can't drop dress sizes!)

Artistic manipulation of images (such as black and white, with blue eyes)

Design work, such as 'thank you' cards and collage pictures

*Get in touch for FREE consultation.*

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