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Erika Tanith Photography

Erika Tanith Photography

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About Erika Tanith Photography

Based in Newcastle upon Tyne and covering North East England, I pride myself on delivering quirky wedding photography that lets you enjoy your day. I think that posing for wedding pictures is the part of the day that people like the least. With that in mind, I try to make formal pictures as quick and enjoyable as possible. For most of the day though, I'll be focusing on capturing natural and un-staged moments instead. In my experience the most cherished pictures are the ones that bring back memories of joy and emotion, so that's what I like to shoot.

My prices are competitive and I offer bespoke packages as well as optional extras like prints, albums, engagement shoots, books, and wedding boudoir. If you'd like to have a look at my portfolio and up to date price list please check out my website.

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