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My job as a wedding photographer, apart from capturing your day and making you look stunning, is to make you feel comfortable. Try to be as invisible as possible at a wedding and for the most part, guests should just think I'm a friend with a camera. Prefer to adopt a storytelling approach to documenting your day, capturing your day as it unfolds through a collection of decisive moments also blending that style with more creative/dramatic wedding images. I like to start with the preparations in the morning and stay on after the first dance to capture the atmosphere of the evening because it allows everyone to relax and enjoy the day without worrying about the time. If things do not run as planned on the day, I will still be there to cover the important moments of your day - I don't clock watch. Whether you have model confidence or not, we will make awesome images and more importantly, you will enjoy the experience. You want images that show how much fun you all had in one day, as it really happened. Images that show how amazing it felt to get married.
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