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Lawrence Clift Photography

Lawrence Clift Photography

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Lancashire, Merseyside, Greater Manchester, Cheshire

About Lawrence Clift Photography

When established in 2000, Lawrence would give you the negatives to your wedding photos. With the advent of digital photography (of which Lawrence was one of the first to convert in the North West) you'll now receive your digital files. The majority of customers love the idea of getting all of their photos rather than a selection, which is usually chosen by the photographer to show off HIS/HER work. With his weddings, Lawrence offers a selection of unique packages in that you receive ALL of your photo's that are taken on the day, plus you also get to keep the copyright to your photos. This is where he's different as the majority of photographers who say that you'll have a C.D. with all of the images on will undoubtedly be at a low resolution which will only be good enough to view on a T.V. screen & not big enough to get a decent print from, if you'd like a C.D. at high res., then you'll pay for it. With us your C.D.(s) are ALL HIGH RESOLUTION.

The photographic cover starts with the photographer arriving at the Church about an hour before the ceremony starts, taking photos of the Groom with "the lads" (best man & ushers) followed by guests arriving, then the bridesmaids accompanied by the mother of the bride, then the bride herself along with whoever is giving her away. Photos will usually be taken throughout the ceremony, discreetly, signing the register and then outside the church with friends & family congratulating the couple. From here we then go onto the reception with a stop off at a park if you so wish. If your wedding is a Civil ceremony then all the cover will usually take place at this venue, unless you require something different. Again cover starts about an hour beforehand with informal photos of the bride & bridesmaids getting ready (if you're staying at the venue the night before) and then it's generally a similar format as the church ceremony.

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