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North London, South London, West London, East London

About Peckham

Coming from Photojournalistic and Fine Art background, I work both with digital and film. This creates a luminosity and richness that defines the look of my work. Using a beautiful colour palette, soft skin tones and a cinematic aura, my photography creates a unique and individual expression of a couples union.

Using a story telling methodology, being dynamic, open minded and creative, I produce a vibrant collection of moments, scenes and emotions from your special day.

I work across the UK as well as internationally in Europe, Saudi Arabia and Dubai. I have been working as a photographer for last 7 years and during this time built a rich, exciting and multicultural portfolio. Additionally I design storybooks, albums, and online galleries. I love snorkelling so if you are getting married under the water I shall be very excited to photograph your wedding!


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