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Stefano Cavallini Photography

Stefano Cavallini Photography

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North Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, East Yorkshire


Our wedding photography style is relaxed and informal but always elegant and contemporary. In fact your wedding photos must be modern and nice looking even in 20 years time or even more! It's really important to us that you have fun on your wedding day, we really want you to enjoy it as we enjoied ours! We can be part of the fun too while working, and be considered as some of your guests! With this friendly approach, it is much easier for you to be relaxed and spontaneous... basically you'll be yourselves and your wedding photos will reflect that!
We won't ask you for cheesy or stiff poses! We will simply let you be yourselves! We will photograph your wonderful day as it flows adding to it our artistic views! So you will keep forever the authenticity of your wedding day... and there's nothing better than this!

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