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Shropshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire, Worcestershire, West Midlands


The youngest likes Justin Biebier and One Direction – but she is very young and I hope it’s phase she is going through..

I had a bright pink wide Mohawk haircut once.

My ‘Rock’ and best friend is Starr, she also used to requent Edwards and the powerhouse (but we didn’t know each other back then). She also likes music, and is a legend. She knows Madonna – no she can’t get you free into gigs. Sorry.

We have a dog and a cat and 5 spiders. Here is Moses the Jack Russell. (and Darcey the Cat).

I like Guinness, it’s good for you. It is, it says on the adverts. So it must be true.

The first gig I ever went to was ‘The Sisters of Mercy’ at the Powerhouse – I think that’s cool, as it could have been Barry Manilow with my Mom.

I have a Sister, she is lovely and bubbly but likes Take That and George Michael (I was hoping it was a phase – but apparently not).

I own three top hats, one of them is purple. I like top hats.

Oh yes I love taking pictures and documenting special moments in people’s lives.

I no longer have any hair. It fell out from dyeing it too much back in the eighties

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