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Asian wedding photographer in Yorkshire

19th October 2010 Reel Life Photos Asian wedding photographer in Yorkshire
Unlike standard UK weddings, Asian weddings always tend to be organised at last minute, and rather than being a busy , one day affair, they spread out over a week with countless relatives all parading in front on the decorated stage for group photographs. I always wear Asian dress, and like the bride and guests need a different outfit for each day, so feel just like any other guest, except that am...

romantic wedding in Cyprus

13th October 2010 Reel Life Photos romantic wedding in Cyprus
The day of my couple's wedding dawned - with a distinctly stormy sky! Panic! Where were the beautiful clear blue skies we were so expecting? After a few hours at Protaras Hair salon near Ayia Napa, the sky had deposited its token rain and was back on track sunny and blue. Since the wedding was to be at 4.30pm and the light goes around 6pm, with total darkness by 6.30, I had to work supremely fast!...

wedding photography in Cyprus

13th October 2010 Reel Life Photos wedding photography in Cyprus
Can't believe how many brides and grooms I encountered last week in Cyprus! While I was over there to cover my client's wedding at Nissi Beach Hotel I decided to travel in the mountains first to get the feel of Cyprus. Since I speak fluent Greek that bit was easy, even though my little hired car struggled with the steep up-hills! I was carefully descending the winding mountain roads when came across...
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