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Random wedding photos or Emotional Keepsake

27th April 2012 Our Wedding Memories Random wedding photos or Emotional Keepsake

With finances being strained in everyday life, most people are looking to save money if given a chance.

A growing trend in wedding photography is for couples wanting a DVD-only package which is usually less expensive than a package including an album, especially if their priceless wedding has been photographed by a friend or member of their family.

Couples then realise that...

Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

27th April 2012 Our Wedding Memories

One of the difficult choices a couple have to make when planning their wedding is who to choose to record the day.

Many couples get a friend to take the photographs to try and save money. Unfortunately this can be very risky as photographing a wedding properly takes a lot more that owning a reasonably good camera and being able to take a good "snap".

Proper, qualified...

So you are getting married- What about Photographs

27th April 2012 Our Wedding Memories

What is a photograph? It is the permanent capture of a split second in time recorded for ever.

Some will say that a digital image on the mobile phone or a video of the event will be the same but that is not so.   Your video or phone images need a device to show them, not so with a photograph.   30 or 40 years ago super 8 film was the vogue, now no one can view them...

Wedding photography: Factors to consider

17th April 2012 Our Wedding Memories

Choosing the right wedding photographer can make a difference not only to the photography but also to the wedding ceremony itself

A person that can mix with your guests to look for the sweet moments can prove to be a good wedding photographer. On the wedding day, you would get little time to guide the photographer as you would be busy...

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