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Wedding photography at Stapleford Park Hotel - Matthew and Jackie

24th August 2011 Elen Studio Photography Wedding photography at Stapleford Park Hotel - Matthew and Jackie
Just want to share some photographs from one of the last weddings. Matthew and Jackie organised there wedding at Stapleford Park. Stapleford Park was a great choice - because of amazing interior and beautiful garden, this place is excellent for shooting a wedding. Matthew and Jackie were brilliant. It was a fantastic day we have a lot of fun. You can find more photographs and information...

Medeival wedding photography

21st August 2011 Reel Life Photos Medeival wedding photography
Most brides prefer to wear a traditional white or ivory wedding dress. Here the couple are have actually been married for 34 years already and now live in Canada, but have chosen to return to their roots, to re-enact their vows under the Major Oak in Sherwood Forest wearing medieval dress followed by a church blessing in the place they originally got married all those years ago. See more of these...

Asian wedding photography by female photographer

21st August 2011 Reel Life Photos Asian wedding photography by female photographer
Many Muslim weddings have separate parties for the women and separate parties for the men, with the bride and groom even saying their vows in separate rooms too, so there are cultural advantages in hiring a female wedding photographer. We are usually asked not to put these images online, so though we video and photograph many Asian weddings, can only show you a few details on the whole. Here are...

£200 discount on 2011 weddings

15th August 2011 Howard Keith Photography £200 discount on 2011 weddings
For the rest of 2011 weddings we have decided to reduce all our fully inclusive wedding photography packages by £200! This means you can have a completely inclusive weddding option, with album and coverage until the first dance for £1,395! Over the years I have always resisted discounting our wedding photography packages, simply because I do not want to get into a price war with other photographers....
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