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Wedding Photography for Amateurs

26th June 2012 Our Wedding Memories

If you are planning on taking photographs of an upcoming wedding but don't have much experience in the area, then reading up on some tips for taking the best shots may be of benefit. The couple might have hired a professional wedding photographer to take the main shots of the day, but that doesn't mean that they don't want their...

Summer wedding at Tong Holiday Inn near Bradford

15th June 2012 Reel Life Photos Summer wedding at Tong Holiday Inn near Bradford
As you can see from this picture, Jenny and Michael had a fun day at their West Yorkshire wedding in Tong! The trees all full of fresh green leaves, made for a wonderful backdrop for their wedding photos too. You can see their pics here: We also have a Winter wedding online from this wedding venue here: . Most of the weddings...

Making the Most of Your Wedding Photographer

13th June 2012 Our Wedding Memories

Selecting a great wedding photographer will mean the difference between beautiful, memorable photographs and shots that simply don't come up to scratch. Practice the following steps in order to make the most out of the wedding photographer you hire.

Making the decision of which photographer to trust is both a monetary...

Sharing Your Wedding Photographs

13th June 2012 Our Wedding Memories

In this technological age, there are now many fun and unusual ways for you to share the photographs taken of your wedding with family and friends. First and foremost, there will be a professional wedding photographer hired by the couple to take pictures of the big day. However, those in attendance will also be snapping shots throughout...

Selecting Your Wedding Photographer

13th June 2012 Our Wedding Memories

The summer is perhaps the most common season in which we choose to get married. Of course, there are many things to consider when planning a wedding, an important one being who is going to photograph it. It might seem like a simple undertaking, but when you think about the fact that this is the person who is going to create the lasting memories of your big day, then it doesn't seem so simple...

Hazlewood Castle wedding pictures

11th June 2012 Reel Life Photos Hazlewood Castle wedding pictures
Hazlewood Castle is a grand wedding venue, best seen on a bright sunny day, but even on duller days you can't fail to get good pictures if you have a couple as "together" as these two. I have known Charlotte for more than 6 years, as have photographed her on another occasion, and also photographed them at many of their friends weddings, so was very happy to be back at the Castle to share their day...

Nigerian wedding in a village in Nigeria

9th June 2012 Reel Life Photos Nigerian wedding in a village in Nigeria
Laura and Martin both live in the UK, but since their respective families are from Nigeria, they decided to have both a cultural wedding in Nigeria and a church wedding in the UK. The village elders all meet together to agree the match and the initial ceremony starts with the key figures in a room discussing the deal, sealing it with gift of beer and biscuits. Then the wedding party sits in an open-sided...

Marquee wedding in Normandy, France

7th June 2012 Reel Life Photos Marquee wedding in Normandy, France
This was a last minute wedding request as a friend of the bride had intended taking their photos, but sadly was unable to attend the wedding in the end. See more pics on The day was a real scorcher, and the couple's baby had kept them up half the night before, so the bride wanted to keep the photos to a minimum. I still managed to take over 1000 images, but mainly to...
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