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Free Engagement Shoot in Devon

18th June 2013 Accent Pro Images Free Engagement Shoot in Devon
Following on from our recent post about engagement shoots, we would like to offer the opportunity for you to also have a free engagement shoot anywhere in Devon. No obligation, no pressure and nothing to lose. Simply give us a call and make a date! Half a day of fun with your fiancé anywhere in Devon. Ask Fiona for more details, 07990 831 503. Make sure that you choose somewhere...

Modern Asian wedding in Wakefield, West Yorkshire

6th June 2013 Reel Life Photos Modern Asian wedding in Wakefield, West Yorkshire
This was the 4th wedding I have photographed for this particular family, and all were very different. The first one - in 2003 - was a massive affair, with over two thousand guests at the Walimah - traditional groom's reception - and 3 hummers as well as a normal limo to ferry the groom's family to the venue. Last year one of the brothers got married in Pakistan, so I was treated to an authentic...

Engagement Shoots

4th June 2013 Accent Pro Images Engagement Shoots
The "all important" engagement shoot Congratulations on your engagement, how are the preparations going for the big day? Have you sorted the flowers, transport, what are your bridesmaids wearing? Being engaged should not just be a period of your life spent organising all the elements of that one big day. Take some time for yourselves, go out for dinner, have a lie in and breakfast in bed, (trust...
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