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New Wedding photographers profile pages

18th March 2010 Our Wedding Memories
On 18/3/2010 we have launched new wedding photographer profile pages and re-styled the search results pages.

The new profiles are now available to both paid and free listings so please ensure your profiles are up to date.

New profiles now include up to 6 larger images, events calendar from which visitors can contact you directly, new enquiry form which is directed at the actual photographer but with the option for visitors to contact more once the initial enquiry has been made.

Extra text can be added and as these pages will eventually be indexed by Google and other search engines, this text should be descriptive. These pages can generate direct traffic so please add good quality text to tempt visitors in to making an enquiry.

We have also added share buttons for facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can go to your own profile page and share the page with contacts in these social networking sites. We also recommend you ask your contacts on these sites to share the page.

You should also contact past clients who may wish to recommend your services. If so, ask them to visit the page and share it with their social network of friends and contacts. This is a great way to market your services virally and generate extra business by what is essentially word of mouth.

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