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Wedding photography advertising prices

24th August 2010 Our Wedding Memories
We have made changes to the way wedding photographers premium listings are charged on OurWeddingMemories.

Historically we have had a discount for all paid listings covering more than one area, which was the same percentage however many areas were included.

We have now scaled the discount to increase as the number of areas increases giving extra value to those covering a wider area of the UK.

Currently the discount ranges from 25% for 2 areas increasing by 5% for each additional area up to a maximum of 50%. The total 50% discount will be included when adding 7 or more areas at which time all further areas purchased will be half price.

To add a listing and take advantage of this change please login to your account above and select the type of listing you require.

Remember with all paid listings you can:

1) Receive enquiries sent via our 'Get a Quote' system

2) Receive enquiries when a visitor registers

3) Able to add 'Late Availability' dates

3) Add Blog posts which automatically link to your profile and may include links to your website. This is a great way to generate quality, relevant links.

4) Automatically listed on our regional directories

Also Enhanced listings have priority ranking over other listing types meaning greater exposure

To add a listing, add blog posts and set up late availability dates, please login to your account here.

Please contact us if you require any assistance with operating your account.

Thank you for using Our Wedding Memories

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