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wedding photography in Cyprus

13th October 2010 Reel Life Photos Reel Life Photos
Can't believe how many brides and grooms I encountered last week in Cyprus! While I was over there to cover my client's wedding at Nissi Beach Hotel I decided to travel in the mountains first to get the feel of Cyprus. Since I speak fluent Greek that bit was easy, even though my little hired car struggled with the steep up-hills! I was carefully descending the winding mountain roads when came across a shallow river in my path - and there on its banks were not one - but two Greek brides and grooms being photographed by their respective official photographers - a few days after their weddings. Then there were the conveyor-belt slots of brides - every single day - at all the main hotels in Ayia Napa where I was to photograph my official couple the following day...Such beautiful light: who can blame them all for wanting to get married there though!

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