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So you are getting married- What about Photographs

27th April 2012 Our Wedding Memories

What is a photograph? It is the permanent capture of a split second in time recorded for ever.

Some will say that a digital image on the mobile phone or a video of the event will be the same but that is not so.   Your video or phone images need a device to show them, not so with a photograph.   30 or 40 years ago super 8 film was the vogue, now no one can view them because the equipment is not available.   The same will apply to digital images in 10 years or less.  So if you want your special day recorded permanently have photographs, then your children, grandchildren and future generations will have the joy of seeing the love you shared with family and friends on your special day.

What is a photographer?    It is the person who presses the shutter release on the camera, Uncle Bill maybe.   A WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER on the other hand is the person who guides you through the day capturing all the special moments and putting you and your guests at ease no matter what comes hail, rain or shine.   They come in all shapes and sizes with differing levels of skill and competence so it is very difficult for a client to choose.  

There are those that say “This is my style of photography” and shoot similar things at every wedding.  (Shows lack of imagination and little interest in the clients wishes)

There are those that say “I am a reportage photographer” and shoot things as they happen and give no direction to the Wedding Party or guests.  (Shows lack of people skills and confidence)

Then there are those who say “I will photograph your wedding in a style that you like and spend a lot of time finding that out and planning the photographs with YOU.” 

How do I choose a photographer?  This is a very difficult question and depends a lot on where you live.   In the City you will have more choice than in rural areas.   

First word of mouth is the most reliable.   If friends or family have used a photographer you can look at the images and find out how he or she carried out there duties on the day.

Internet search, look at local company web sites to see the images and if you like what you see look for COMPLETE weddings.   If sites do not show complete weddings be very suspicious as anyone can get 3 or 4 pictures right at wedding even Uncle Bill.

Look for recent testimonials for the company.   Staffing levels in case of sickness and qualifications of the photographers in the company ie SWPP, BIPP, MPA, qualified membership, best of all how many weddings have they completed.   What will it cost.

Make a list of 3 or 4 companies and interview them, making sure you talk to the photographer that will be doing your wedding.   See their work, complete weddings essential, talk about your wedding and see if they are responsive to your ideas.  Will you be happy with this person helping at your wedding?   Remember the most expensive is not always the best.

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