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Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

27th April 2012 Our Wedding Memories

One of the difficult choices a couple have to make when planning their wedding is who to choose to record the day.

Many couples get a friend to take the photographs to try and save money. Unfortunately this can be very risky as photographing a wedding properly takes a lot more that owning a reasonably good camera and being able to take a good "snap".

Proper, qualified and experienced photographers take years honing their photographic and people skills to help the wedding day go smoothly and to time.

A professional photographer will have had training and gained experience as an assistant before covering weddings on their own. They will have back up equipment in case of failure of a camera, flash or lens. A qualified photographer will have professional indemnity and public liability insurance ( many venues are now beginning to insist on this) Any elecrtrical equipment such as lighting should be PAT tested and certificated to comply with a venues insurance requirements.

Qualified membership of one of the main professional bodies is a good indication of a photographers committment to good customer service as is the Trading Standards scheme "Buy with Confidence"

In the end, a wedding photographer should be a people person as well as a capable photographer. You must like their style and make sure you see pictures of a selection of complete weddings, not just a few great shots taken at one wedding. Most of all you should feel comfortable with your photographer as he or she will be with you for most of your wedding day.

Article provided by Geoff Roberts LBIPP LMPA LNPS Amazing Weddings | Hampshire wedding photographers

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