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Random wedding photos or Emotional Keepsake

27th April 2012 Our Wedding Memories

With finances being strained in everyday life, most people are looking to save money if given a chance.

A growing trend in wedding photography is for couples wanting a DVD-only package which is usually less expensive than a package including an album, especially if their priceless wedding has been photographed by a friend or member of their family.

Couples then realise that having copious wedding images on a DVD are not quite the memory they hoped for and are subsequently looking for a tangible keepsake they can treasure and show their family for years to come. In some cases couples are getting married abroad and receive a DVD of images shortly after the wedding day, come back to Blighty and want to obtain a story book of their wedding memories.

Some wedding photographers offer a design service to help these couples realise their dreams.

Ultimately the professional photographer would have to assess the image quality and issue of copyright before being able to work with A. N. Other's photographs and would probably charge a premium rate which would ultimately work out dearer than an album-inclusive package. Anything is possible but it's wise to weigh-up the pros and cons of a DVD-only package plus later design/printing service solution.

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