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Post-Wedding Blues ??? Pop your Dress on again...

8th May 2012 Our Wedding Memories

Many Brides experience a sense of 'loss' and even disappointment that so much planning, time & effort has ended so soon once their Wedding Day is over, so what better medicine than to pop your Dress on again, slap on the make-up, get your hair back into a WOW style and go shoot some 'fashion' type photos to celebrate how great you can look in your awesome Dress

Our American brethren are noted for picking up on the theme of 'Trash the Dress' (arguably a British idea from the 80s that never really caught on over here); the idea being that as you'll (hopefully) never need your Dress again you do something wacky, bizarre even downright dangerous in it. The internet is now full of example of Brides swimming & diving into the sea, clearing out cowsheds & pig pens, getting covered in grease in workshops or scrapyards, and even setting fire to themselves in their Dress!!!

We British tend to take the more sensible & reserved view and do things that are a bit more 'tasteful'; or is it that we're just not daft enough to destroy a £600 Dress let alone a £6,000 one ???

The very British version is then more akin to a 'Treasure your Dress' shoot, and here you can choose either a beautiful setting to compliment your beauty in your Dress; or perhaps an Urban, Industrial or Outdoor Environment merely to contrast. These shoots have much more of a Fashion even Glamour twist, where you can pose to your heart's content in a way that was just not possible or even suitable on your actual Wedding. They are great for the Photographer too as we can use striking flash or continuous lighting techniques that are hard to incorporate into a Wedding, usually for time constrictions

Such shoots are becoming more & more popular and make for not only FAB images for your wall etc. but they really do help to blow away those post-planning, post-Wedding, post-Honeymoon blues; so go on, treat yourself

What more of an excuse do you need !!!

David Goodier BSc Hons LSWPP QGWP

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