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Decorating for a Wedding

22nd May 2012 Our Wedding Memories

So you want to know how to decorate your wedding. Weddings can be memorable for everyone involved. It is often the decorations many find their eyes straying to throughout the ceremony. It may seem odd but decorations are key to setting the ambiance of a wedding.

Size Matters

Depending on the size of your wedding and reception it will determine the kind of decorations you will want to use. For instance if you have a large wedding which consists of 100 or more guests, then you might consider adding a few extra floral arrangements, and or paper streamers, maybe even a few lanterns or a fountain. If you are having a smaller more personal affair, then keep the design simple so it does not detract from the bride and groom.

Be Tasteful.

Nothing in the decorations should be considered gaudy or crude as this could insult or offend some guests. Sometimes the things you like may not be appreciated by various guests. Try to keep your guests in mind when decorating for your wedding.

Colour Scheme

The colours of your wedding Decorations should complement if not match the colours of your dresses, and flowers. For instance; a summer themed wedding would have summer type decorations, and summer colours. It is worth remembering that the decorations should not take away from the beauty of the wedding itself.

Be Yourself

Wedding Decorations often speak of the one whom picked them. Never be afraid to put your hand in the design as it speaks a lot about whom you the bride and groom are. The Decorations should be an extension of you, not an extension of the designer, nor your family, but of you.

Seasonal Wedding Decorations

An autumn wedding will look great with the leaves of that season, maybe a few kerosene lamps and possibly some pumpkins. You might even add a hayride for the bride and groom when they leave versus the traditional car.

Poinsettias, fake snow, icicles, and candles are beautiful idea for those winter weddings. When the bride and groom leave for the evening a horse and cart can add to the ambiance of a true winter whimsical wedding.

Spring weddings bring on new life and reinvigorate all those things around you, thus they should be the brightest of all wedding's, think bright colours, lovely waterfalls, maybe even a few candles of the typical spring scents to bring about a more glorious spring wedding.

Summer Weddings; typically mean the official end of winter and the beginning of autumn. A gentle mixture of both seasons spring and autumn along with all that is lovely in the summer would make this wedding enjoyable for all in attendance. Warm climates, this would be a good way to decorate the outside with a few extra items and throw the wedding outdoors.


Decorating for a wedding can be enjoyable if all aspects are met and understood. Decorating for a wedding can be complex and it can be difficult if you do not have in mind when and where you wish to get married, it is often the wise one whom thinks ahead to figure out where they desire their wedding, when they desire it, and what their colour choices will be. Make the most of the day and enjoy it as it reveals itself to you right before your very eyes.

Remember the right decoration for your wedding venue can help your wedding photographer capture the atmosphere of the day.

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