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Sharing Your Wedding Photographs

13th June 2012 Our Wedding Memories

In this technological age, there are now many fun and unusual ways for you to share the photographs taken of your wedding with family and friends. First and foremost, there will be a professional wedding photographer hired by the couple to take pictures of the big day. However, those in attendance will also be snapping shots throughout using mobile phones and digital cameras. This means that there will be a very wide selection of pictures to look through, other than the official ones taken by the photographer.

The bride and groom will perhaps want to view both the photos taken by the attendees and those taken by the photographer. One way to do this in a way that is readily available to all is to create a Facebook page dedicated to the wedding, where people can easily upload pictures. In this way, you can have an album with the pictures taken by the photographer, as well as numerous other albums containing pictures taken by the guests. A Facebook page is a great interactive way of creating memories of your wedding, and it allows guests to write about the pictures and discuss what was happening in them underneath. In this sense you get a 3-D view of your wedding, seeing it from a variety of different perspectives.

If creating a Facebook page is not for you, then you could consider making a Flickr account. This is a site dedicated to photography, and users can easily upload their photo albums for online visitors to look at. With a Flickr account it will not be as easy for others to upload pictures of the wedding, however what you can do is provide them with the account name and password so that they can log on and put their photographs up. A Flickr account provides you with a place where anyone can go and view the photos of your wedding, enabling all to relive the magical day.

Another option is using Instagram, a free photo sharing programme. What happens with Instagram is that you apply a digital filter to the photos you take allowing you to share them on a range of different social networking sites. This is a good option if you really want your wedding photographs to be viewable on a variety of platforms. It is an ideal choice for those with guests who don't all use the same social networking sites.

If you are into applications for smartphones and none of the above suit you, then you might consider using the Hipstamatic D-Series camera app. With this app you get a film roll and can snap shots while tying them to your group of friends on Facebook or Twitter. The great thing about this app is that it enables a group of friends to take pictures of the wedding on the same roll.

These are just some of the choices available to you, all of which allow you to make lasting photographic memories of your special day.

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