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Making the Most of Your Wedding Photographer

13th June 2012 Our Wedding Memories

Selecting a great wedding photographer will mean the difference between beautiful, memorable photographs and shots that simply don't come up to scratch. Practice the following steps in order to make the most out of the wedding photographer you hire.

Making the decision of which photographer to trust is both a monetary and an emotional decision. Not only are you investing money in your photographer, you are also relying on them to shoot one of the most important days of your life. The best way to ensure that you make the right choice is to do some research, instead of simply going with the first wedding photographer you come across.

Another good idea is to take the recommendation of a friend whose wedding photos came out well. However, if you want to seek your own photographer, you can spend some time viewing portfolios. Remember that just because one photographer might have less experience than another, it doesn't mean that they are not talented. Looking at their portfolio will show you whether or not their style is what you want for your wedding.

Once you have your photographer picked out, you can then discuss with them the pictures you want taken as priority. This means that the shots you want the most are going to be taken and not missed out on. These shots will include group shots with the family members of the bride and groom in particular, as well as those with the bride and bridesmaids. Time management is also important if you want to ensure that the wedding photographer has enough time to take all of the pictures they need to. Sometimes the events of a wedding can move quite rapidly, meaning there's a good chance that certain priority shots might not get taken. By ensuring that everyone is in the right place at the correct time, your photographer will be able to take the pictures you really want.

If you want some unique memories of your wedding, you should think about the moments that will create these, and inform the photographer to take pictures of them. One such picture will be the moment when the groom first sees the bride in her wedding dress, or when the father of the bride is walking her down the aisle. If your wedding is taking place in an unusual venue then you might like the photographer to take some shots of the scenery as well.

Furthermore, if the budget allows you could consider having two wedding photographers working together to picture the wedding. This will ensure that no moment is missed out on, and is also a good way of making sure that there is back up should any equipment happen to malfunction on the day.

Taking the above considerations into account means you will have the best possible photographs of your wedding, which will create happy memories for you and your family for many years to come.

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