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Ethiopian bride marries groom from Ghana in London

11th October 2012 Reel Life Photos Reel Life Photos
Tihitna and Patrick didn't have a massive budget for their wedding video and photography, but when we met up with them before their wedding we knew they were such a lovely couple, they deserved to have a professional wedding video and an experienced wedding photographer

Their white wedding was very important to them, so here are some of their church wedding pictures:

As they walked into their wedding reception at Double Tree by Hilton West in London, they followed the African tradition of dancing their way in. and also burst into a traditional wedding song as the bridal party walked through Regent's Park after their quick photo shoot in the park.

The bride's sister, who lives in the US, has now chosen us to photograph her wedding in Ethiopia next year, as despite being based in West Yorkshire, she knows we love travelling all over the UK and for weddings abroad, so even if you think you can't afford a professional wedding photographer or videoman, give Elaine a call on 01924 430115, or 07990867058 and see if we can make your day! xx Elaine and Jorge

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