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Beautiful family wedding by Loch Long in Argyll, Scotland

3rd May 2013 Reel Life Photos Reel Life Photos
This young couple met when she was 14 and he was a year or so older. They both have the same religion, and both are music students at The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. I call them my Romeo and Juliet, which no doubt will become apparent when you look at their whole wedding, and see the emotions and pure joy on their faces when you look at their pictures. This photo was a natural observed moment, when they stepped outside from their ceremony and was preceded by a loving kiss. I was only able to capture it as had my long lens on and quickly lifted it over the other guest's shoulders.
Even though we are based in West Yorkshire, somehow this year so far we have already covered 2 weddings in Scotland, as well as one in Cheshire and two Asian weddings - one in Sheffield in South Yorkshire and one in Bradford in West Yorkshire!
If you'd like to see more work by Elaine - the most-travelled wedding photographer I think - then look here: or like us and see 8,000 more pics on

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