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Somali wedding in Manchester

7th February 2014 Reel Life Photos Reel Life Photos
I love African weddings as they are always such a happy event. Despite having photographed Nigerian weddings - even one in Nigeria - Egyptian - in Egypt, Gambian - in The Gambia - Zimbabwean, Ethiopian, Ghanaian, Yemeni, and Sierra Leone weddings this was my first Somalian wedding experience. The girls welcomed me into their family, and the bride even gave me a gorgeous blue Somalia dress to wear, but I had to promise to dance - so I did. I wrapped my head in the flimsy blue scarf and gathered up my trailing skirts to whirl and wave my arms in the middle of a huge circle of Somalian women. I don't have any pics of that but I do have a short video clip - of some of the other women's dances - just 1 and a half minutes so it won't bore you.
You can also see some of the pics here too:

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