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4 top Lancashire wedding venues

12th May 2014 Weddings by Luke Weddings by Luke
April has arrived. Every year that’s effectively the starting pistol for the Lancashire wedding season and from now until the clocks go back I’ll be trying to find new and exciting ways of making your wedding photography look like no one else’s. But before I make a start on 2014’s crop of “I do’s” – and just in case you’re planning your Lancashire wedding and feel in need of some inspiration - here are some of my most memorable weddings (and wedding venues) of 2013.

Bashall Barn, Clitheroe
Forever known (in my head at least) as the wedding with the wellies, this deserves a place in my most memorable weddings of 2013 for a whole bunch of reasons:
• The stunning countryside
• The lovely people
• The village fete feel of Bashall Barn itself
• Er… the cows

If you could bottle essence of brilliant wedding Rachel and Richard could make a fortune. It was a pleasure to be a part of it.

Marriot Hotel, Preston
Sometimes a wedding sticks in the mind for very personal reasons. Being a Lancashire wedding photographer puts me in a very privileged position. I get to enjoy the happiest days of lots of people’s lives. And I get to shoot people looking their very, very best in a succession of rather grand places.

And sometimes even the wedding photographer is made to feel part of the family – which is a rather lovely thing. So thanks to Louise and Dewi for making their wedding especially memorable – and for choosing a wedding venue 5 minutes from where I live!

Singleton Lodge, nr Blackpool
At every wedding, there’s a moment when someone decides it’s their turn to photo-bomb a perfectly lovely photo. I’d never been photo-bombed by a llama, though, until Sian and Lee’s wedding at Singleton Lodge.

If you could compile a wish-list of for your Lancashire wedding photography, it might just read something like this: glorious August day, check. Peaceful, characterful location, check. Bags of colour (the red brick, green lawns, white and purple dresses), check. Dove release, check. Not forgetting the llamas, of course.

The Inn at Whitewell, er… Whitewell
I wouldn’t recommend holding your wedding in driving rain and a howling gale, but when you play rugby for St Helens your summers are rather occupied. That’s how Megan and Jon Wilkin ended up tying the knot on the penultimate day of the year.

Perhaps it was the cosiness of the Inn at Whitewell in winter. Perhaps it was the biblical nature of the weather. Or perhaps it was the sheer exuberance of a wedding party who, frankly, were having a better time than anyone else in Lancashire on that particular day, but this really was a memorable way to finish off the year. I’ve spent lots of glorious summer days covering wedding photography at the Inn at Whitewell – this was one of the very best.

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