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wedding photographers who travel anywhere!

26th February 2015 Reel Life Photos Reel Life Photos
If you search for a wedding photographer in your local area, you will probably be shown a Google map with numerous little red dots on it. If you attend a wedding, everyone will have a a camera and within days - if not even on the same day - blurry pics will populate your Facebook page, so everyone is now able to be a photographer. Beautiful! Something else you can get for free then to save on your wedding costs? Yes and no. If all you want is a vague collection of disparate images of varying artistic merit then that's right for you. Not everyone appreciates photography as much as I do and that's OK. I speak to many people who would love to do my job though, and everyone has to start somewhere, but all those little red dots on the map mean there are now more wedding photographers to choose from, than there are weddings! So is 15 years of specialisation in wedding photography is no longer valued?
Maybe, just maybe, you love looking at photos and really, really want your special day to be captured as it happens. We are busy all year round with weddings, as get recommended to many other friends of the couples we photograph and video - I even had 3 separate weddings on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and the day after that - as far apart as Blackburn, Leicester and Dewsbury (well Dewsbury was easy, as that is where we are based).
I have covered weddings all over the world - from Australia to Cyprus, The Ice Hotel in Sweden to a beach wedding in The Seychelles, Norway to Egypt, and so on. My last one was in Cuba in December and the next weddings abroad are for two separate couples in The Gambia - one of whom found me from where they live in Bermuda!
Our Wedding Memories site is a great way to search, but if you are curious check out some of the 20,000 photos on our Facebook page! or download our wedding app from the links on our site
xx Elaine

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