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Two weddings in The Gambia in April

10th March 2015 Reel Life Photos Reel Life Photos
Almost every year a bride books us for her wedding in The Gambia. I say bride as its usually the ladies who love wedding photography - no offence if you are the groom though! In just two weeks I'll be flying out to the Gambia for not one - but two separate weddings there. One is the cousin of last year's Gambian bride and the other one is for a couple from Bermuda who found us from my blog post about Gambian weddings. Hope to show you the pics of these weddings in a month or so's time when I get back, but if curious, check out a wedding storybook from a previous wedding at the luxurious Coco Ocean Hotel in Senegambia - the link is on the storybook album page on our site: xx Elaine

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