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Sunset wedding pictures

14th September 2016 Reel Life Photos Reel Life Photos
Sunsets can creep up on you unawares, so its important your wedding photographer pops outside occasionally before sundown to see if there is likely to be a photo opportunity. Even in the UK with a bit of an artistic eye you can usually find a spot that will work. Here was right next to a main road near the entrance to the hotel. I just had to be quick to avoid the cars whizzing past my viewfinder! The couple were happy to leave their guests for a few minutes and to get some fresh air, but of course I was very quick. After all, who wants to spend the whole day posing for demanding wedding photographers! Most of my pics are sneaky ones anyway, shot when they are not looking, but its not that easy to get a bride and groom together in one shot on their wedding day just by chance! See more of my work on Facebook:

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