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Budgeting for your Wedding Photography

25th September 2017 Our Wedding Memories

So, you have got engaged and are excited about the forthcoming wedding. Everything is just perfect.

You may be the lucky ones where money will be no object, however for most this is a topic that can bring you back down to earth with a bang.

Many couples are not aware of the overall cost of a wedding where there are so many things to consider and costs that you may not even have thought of.

Even before the planning of the wedding itself there is likely to have been a large outlay on engagement rings and possibly an engagement party.

Whatever your wedding budget, this will be divided between many things and not just your wedding photography. Things such as the wedding venue, catering, flowers, cake, invites, decorations, gifts, dress and groom attire to say nothing of the Bridesmaid dresses and ushers! There are likely to be other costs to consider too. There will be a honeymoon to plan, all of which can run in to thousands of pounds.

You should remember that photography for your wedding is an investment in your future memories. It is difficult to put a value on this and the ability to proudly show off your wedding photographs to your children and grandchildren as well as peruse them yourselves to help with remembering the most important day of your life. Some events on the day may be missed by you because you are busy entertaining guests. These important moments can be captured by your photographer and a videographer if you chose to have one.

What to consider when budgeting for your Wedding photographer

It is important not to stretch yourselves too much when costing a wedding. There are services you may wish to cut back on. It may be very tempting to consider the cheaper option for your wedding photography but in many cases, this can be a false economy.

Some couples opt for friends or family to take photos rather than a professional and utilise the money saved elsewhere. Others may look at guests taking photographs themselves and sharing them after the event.

Both these options can be very worthwhile but shouldn’t be considered as a replacement for a professional photographer who is more likely to capture certain moments and the spirit of the day.

When factoring in a price to expect to be quoted for wedding photographs there are a number of things you should consider:

  • How many photographers do you require? Do you want them to attend both the Bride and Groom getting ready? If so you would need at least 2 photographers. More than one can also captured moments the other may miss.

  • How long do you want them to attend? Just the ceremony? Bride and Grooms houses? Ceremony and Reception? To the first dance? Or until the end of the night. Of course the longer they are in attendance the higher the cost.

  • Do you want only digital copies of your photographs or printed hard copies?

  • Do you require a wedding album for printed photographs? If so what type?

  • How may photographs do you want?

  • Do you want additional copies for the parents and other family members or friends?

  • What about editing and touching up your photographs for a perfect finished article?

As well as the time taken at the wedding, the cost of printing and an album for those wanting hard copies, many couples do not appreciate the time after the event that the photographer has to spend trawling through the photographs, selecting the best of each pose or frame, editing, touching up etc. In many cases, although you may have chosen around 200 photographs for your package, the photographer may have to look through many thousands of shots before arriving at a finished selection for you to choose from.
All this additional work can take many hours and should be factored in to the final cost.

Of course, you could opt for all images on a disc which will reduce the cost, assuming the photographer allows this option as many do not.

These are just a few points to consider when speaking to a photographer you may wish to use. Make a shortlist of your preferred photographers and then see what options they have. Narrow it down and look for reviews or recommendations before making the final decision.

We wish you luck in your search for your wedding photographer and other suppliers and wish you all the very best for your big day.

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