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How OurWeddingMemories Has Evolved

8th June 2018 Our Wedding Memories

Our Wedding Memories has Relaunched with a Complete New Design

OurWeddingMemories has been online since the year 2000 and underwent a completely new redesign and was relaunched in early 2018.

Along with the relaunch we introduced offers for photographers such as 3 Months Free Enhanced listing as well as 50% reduction on Enhanced listings when both offers were taken at the same time.

OurWeddingMemories remains one of the go to places for Bridal couples to search and locate a suitable wedding photographer for their big day. With easy searching to regions and counties along with preferred towns, locating a wedding photographer close to you has never been more straight forward.

Additionally, with our 'Get a Wedding Photography Quote' service, Bridal couples can send an enquiry to multiple photographers allowing them to acquire quotes easily, check availability as well as compare prices and services.

From a photographers perspective, OurWeddingMemories has provided new business via the web links on our results pages and the 'Get a Quote' system for many years, many photographers advertising year on year. With around 3,500 registered photographers, we are one of the most comprehensive online directories specifically targeted to Wedding Photographers.

There are other benefits to photographers that are less quantifiable but, none-the-less, just as important.

As well as providing direct leads via the system and links to their website and photographer can create a profile page to showcase their work. Additionally, photographers can add blog posts which link to their website. We have endeavoured to ensure the Blog section of the website is of good quality, only allowing posts that offer something to our visitors. We do not allow posts of one or two lines with date limited offers to ensure the posts stand the test of time. Links on these pages offer photographers a chance to build their links profile from a domain of good authority.

But How Has OurWeddingMemories Developed over the Years?

From its early beginnings in 2001OurWeddingMemories started out as a small website owned by a recently qualified Web Designer. We obtained a contract to build a website for a local photographer and decided to set up a page to promote that work. OurWeddingMemories was top of Google and generated a great deal of 'Hits'. This attracted other photographers to the service as well as clients for whom to build websites.

In those days it was rare for a website to be automated with database driven content. All new photographers wishing to be included in the directory had to be added manually. payment was by cheque so an invoice had to be issued and cheque cashed. Renewals we a similar drawn out process with manual invoices emailed to the client in advance of the expiry date.

Of course now all this along with many other features are automated making managing such a system far easier. This has of course meant many other directories, wedding and otherwise have sprung up giving browsers far more choice.

As one of the first directories of its kind, we though you may be interested in seeing some of the incarnations of OurWeddingMemories from its inception back in 2000/2001.

2001 - Our First Website

OurWeddingMemories 2001

2004 - A Complete Redesign

A complete redesign with a new (modern!) appearance. Still very manual in managing photographers accounts, listings and payments.

OurWeddingMemories 2004

2006 - A Fresh New Look!

A further redesign and complete redevelopment in 2006. Along with the new design, we also developed the system automating all aspects from creation of photographers accounts and payments to renewals.
As we had many photographers who had been added to the website manually, these all needed adding to the new system to populate the database. Again this was a manual process as there was no set structure to import data automatically.
With just the owner, it was down to him to manage these additions alone. On a family holiday in France he painstakingly went about adding all photographers information, creating their listings and uploading photographs. This was all done by connecting a mobile to a laptop which was quite rare in those days. Little did he know on his return home he would have incurred a 'very large' mobile phone bill!

OurWeddingMemories 2006

2007 - Same Website but Added Banner Images

Banner images were added to the Home page as an additional advertising option for Photographers.

OurWeddingMemories 2007 banners

2010 and Another Redesign

Another redesign in 2010 brought another new look. Personally, and on reflection, we don't think this was as appealing as the previous version!

OurWeddingMemories 2010

2016 and a Further Redesign

In 2016 OurWeddingMemories underwent a further facelift bringing in vibrant new colour and images. This was the final rebrand prior to the current version (2018) although this may well change!

OurWeddingMemories 2016

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