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The importance of wedding Album

22nd October 2018 VSFOTO Wedding Photography VSFOTO Wedding Photography
The Wedding Album or CD?

Weddings can be very expensive. Everything requires money: The wedding dress, the flowers, the venue, the photographer, the DJ, guest entertainment, room decorations, invitations, chair covers and so on… So we need to make our priorities right.
If we have a great budget that’s fine! We can have it all, but what if we not?

Lets think. What do we have left after the wedding?

Obviously – lovely memories! What ells? The candles will burn out. The bride bouquet and flower decorations will die, the dress probably ends up on E-bay or in the loft, the chair covers you paid a fortune will go to the bin or back to the lender, the shoes… they go back in the box, they were killing your feet anyway all day and you can not even think of putting them again.

So after the wedding, you have basically nothing left apart from the images. Hopefully captured on professional camera and professional photographer. Hopefully saved on a hard drive, I cloud and memory stick. But software and electronic devices often go wrong. Gets damaged. Gets lost. And no matter how your beautiful your images on your memory stick, they will never look as good as in a quality album.

VSfoto using world trusted Album printing company GraphiStudio who are proud to say that the album will last for 300 years! And they happy to reprint your album for free if they weren’t! That’s a statement. It’s a statement of confidence and security.

There are many ways to cut back on a wedding to save money. Not investing into a professional wedding album isn’t one of them. There are five good reasons on why wedding albums are so important to have:

With the help of a wedding album, they’ll be reminded of all those special moments that made their wedding day unique. Couples will be able to look through their wedding album anytime they wish, especially during anniversaries and when family and friends come to visit. Taking out an album is much easier than having to search for digital files. And truth be told, digital copies can be lost. As much as everyone trusts in electronic media to store important files, it’s imperative to remember that e-files can get lost, corrupted or deleted.

Especially wonderful to have printed album for those that weren’t able to make it to the couple’s wedding. Framed photos may only provide a glimpse into one specific moment. And digital photos can sometimes be out of order in the way they were saved. However, a wedding album provides a complete view of the special day from beginning to the end, giving a storybook feeling. Looking at the images from a disc or memory stick, computer or iPad just isn’t the same.
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