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Oh no, it's raining

23rd January 2019 Nick Williams Photographer Nick Williams Photographer
Wet Weddings

So you have planned your big day, down to the last detail. Then the day arrives and you draw back the curtains and once again the weathermen have got it wrong. The sunshine you were promised has turned to horrible rain, your day is ruined. Actually no it’s not, I have photographed over 1000 weddings in the last 18 years and hand on heart, I can not think of a single wedding that was ruined by the weather.

As a photographer it does not bother me if it rains, yes for the sake of the couple I would prefer sun. However it’s my job to get amazing photographs no matter what the good old British weather throws at us. All professional photographers should carry all the equipment they need to take your wedding memories not matter what the weather. We all have different styles and ways of doing things, the important thing, is we get the job done.

These photographs show you just how much fun can be had in the wet. Notice just how happy everyone is, they don’t care about the rain. Now some brides are braver than others. Note the bride and groom walking with umbrellas in torrential rain. Trust me, there was nothing going to get in the way of this couple getting great shots. The photograph top right was taken Salcombe south Devon. It was one of those odd occasions when it was raining and yet the sun was also out. I used this to my advantage and shot the image through some ivy that was covered in droplets of rain. The sun shining through the droplets give this wonderful effect.

So as you can see, by choosing the right photographer great memories can be captured not matter what the weather. Why not visit my website for lots more wet wedding photographs.

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