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Is it OK for the Wedding Photographer to edit guests clothes?

7th November 2022 Our Wedding Memories
Back in June a bride got married but wasn’t to pleased with the colour of clothes her now sister-in-law was wearing. This was due to the clash of colour with the bride’s dress.

User Low-Abbreviations352 posted about it on Reddit, explaining how her sister-in-law wore a two-piece outfit of black bottoms and white top. She didn’t think much of it at the time but was concerned when the top clashed with her wedding dress and asked the wedding photographer to edit the colour of the top.

The Bride didn’t mention any of this to her Sister In law and when she shared the photographs, he sister in law was upset at what she had done. The bride tried to explain it was due to the fact she stood out too much that she asked for the edits.

As the sister-in-law was upset, the Bride contacted the photographer to see if the edits could be reversed only to be told that would be at an additional cost as the original changes had meant extra work. The Bride suggested to her sister-in-law that she could arrange for the photos to be changed back if she was willing to cover the cost, which only made matters worse.

Unfortunately, the whole situation caused resentment between the Bride and her sister-in-law and would undoubtedly affect the relationship with her husband.

Posting on Reddit to gauge users’ opinions, there were differing comments with some claiming the bride should have mentioned it to the sister-in-law before making the changes and others agreeing with the Bride. It is after all the Brides big day, she has paid for the wedding and is entitled to make any changes she wants to the photographs. However, the keep the peace it was probably worthwhile to at least discuss it before the final edits were made.

Some comments suggested that female guests maybe shouldn’t wear white at a wedding so as not to clash with the Bride. However, this seems to be taking the matter too far and it not always clear what colour the Bride may wear in any event.

We do hope this situation hasn’t caused any lasting issues between the Bride, her husband and her new extended family and they ‘all live happily ever after’!

What we would say is communication is the best option before things get out of hand. Had the Bride discussed her feelings with her sister-in-law before making the changes, this whole situation could have been avoided.

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