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We all want Natural Wedding Photography!

16th April 2018 VSFOTO Wedding Photography We all want Natural Wedding Photography!
How To Get Natural Wedding Photography So you love the idea of having natural photographs of your own wedding but you’re not sure where to start. Here are some of my favorite tips on how to get great natural wedding photography… Lighting For Natural Wedding Photography The most important thing to consider when you want natural photos of your wedding is the lighting. Does the venue lend itself...

Budgeting for your Wedding Photography

25th September 2017 Our Wedding Memories Budgeting for your Wedding Photography

So, you have got engaged and are excited about the forthcoming wedding. Everything is just perfect.

You may be the lucky ones where money will be no object, however for most this is a topic that can bring you back down to earth with a bang.

Many couples are not aware of the overall cost of a wedding where there are so many things to consider and costs that you may not even have thought...

Choosing a Wedding Photographer

25th September 2017 Our Wedding Memories Choosing a Wedding Photographer
So you are getting married and looking at wedding suppliers? One of the most important must surely be a Wedding Photographer to capture the memories so you can call on them in the future. Photographs that will stand the test of time and which you can proudly show to your children and grandchildren.

Choosing the wrong photographer can affect your most special...

Wedding Photography nerves?

29th November 2016 Tim Whiting Photography Wedding Photography nerves?
People are often worried about being photographed. I for one hate it (partly the reason I reside behind the camera nowadays). So it is with some sympathy that I end up reassuring couples that they really do have nothing to worry about. Many wedding photographs are taken when the Bride and Groom just do not know/forget it's happening. But the truth is, come the day, everybody actually warms to the idea...

Sunset wedding pictures

14th September 2016 Reel Life Photos Sunset wedding pictures
Sunsets can creep up on you unawares, so its important your wedding photographer pops outside occasionally before sundown to see if there is likely to be a photo opportunity. Even in the UK with a bit of an artistic eye you can usually find a spot that will work. Here was right next to a main road near the entrance to the hotel. I just had to be quick to avoid the cars whizzing past my viewfinder!...
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